The Phenomenally Expensive Dollhouse That Certainly Wouldn't Give Your Children To Play With

    The Phenomenally Expensive Dollhouse That Certainly Wouldn't Give Your Children To Play With

    4:41 PM EST, December 8, 2020, updated: 7:45 PM EST, December 8, 2020

    Can a dollhouse be a real masterpiece? Of course, it can. Especially if it was made by an exceptional master carpenter, who took care of much woodwork after his retirement.


    Wood and Marbles

    The Sahlberg is a captivating masterpiece of execution, a dollhouse with nine rooms. Jimmy Landers built it from hardwood. Inside there is a two-storey library, an impressive staircase, a living room, two bedrooms and a dining room. The floors are made of mahogany wood and marble (the one located at the entrance consists of over 2000 tiles).


    Living Room With Red Wallpaper and a Mirror in a Golden Frame


    Decorative Fireplace in the Master Bedroom


    Own Lighting

    There are 22 individual lamps instaled in the whole house. What is interesting, they have traditional light bulbs and light all the rooms without difficulty (the building has its own electrical installation). However, a large-sized brass chandelier is the first to be seen.


    Impressive Staircase


    Books All The Way up to The Ceiling

    The most impressive is the panelled library. It is equipped with bookcases, a fireplace and animal antlers. Volumes located high under the ceiling can be accessed by means of a ladder. Jimmy Landers constructed the floor from more than 3,000 cherry tree planks.


    Library Chandelier


    The Wealthy Toy House

    The scratch built, custom carved cherrywood cabinet measures 6 feet wide and 5 feet tall and features 9 rooms set inside the cabinet including a 3 story Grand Foyer, a 2 Story Paneled Library, a Dining Room, Parlor, Master Bedroom and a Guest Bedroom.

    Each room is exquisitely crafted and features random planked hardwood mahogany flooring, custom mill work, brass lighting fixtures, textured historic period wallpaper designs, coffered and recessed ceilings, some recessed, custom brass fittings, illuminated floor to ceiling stained glass windows, elaborate chandeliers and wall sconces, plaster and faux marble fireplaces with real granite hearths and gold trimmed mirrors and several custom wood paneled single and double hung doors.

    We’re looking to find a new home for The Sahlberg - stay tuned for details announcing the date for our late Spring/Early Summer auction – sign up at so you don’t miss any updates!Posted by D. Thomas Fine Miniatures on Sunday, April 26, 2020

    The dollhouse is a Victorian style and can be bought for a small sum of USD 100 000. Jimmy Landers worked on it for two years. He is currently working on another project and spends on average 18 hours a day in his studio.

     What do you think of this unbelievable dollhouse? Or maybe you are building your own for your children?

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