The Moon Surrounded With a Rainbow. Captured in a Photo It Looks Stunning!

    The Moon Surrounded With a Rainbow. Captured in a Photo It Looks Stunning!

    The Moon Surrounded With a Rainbow. Captured in a Photo It Looks Stunning!
    6:43 PM EST, February 11, 2021, updated: 6:36 PM EST, November 8, 2022

    Sometimes the objects we catch in our photos look so good that few believe there has been no airbrushing. It might also be the case with the images of moon we have got for you today.

    A marvelous rainbow around the moon


    For many of you the photo above might look like yet another Photoshopped image. Contrary to what you think, this is nothing but a fantastic and purely natural phenomenon. The man behind the photo is Alberto Ghizzi Panizza, a 45-year old photographer. The image was captured near Parma in the north of Italy.

    Where does the phenomenon come from?

    The effect is also referred to as moonbow. It occurs when the light reflected by the moon is refracted by many water droplets or tiny pieces of ice floating in the air. From our perspective it looks as if the moon was surrounded by some mystical aura. The moonbow is visible when the clouds are thin enough for the light rays to be refracted by the water content.

    We can see the colors because the light of different wavelength bends in a different way. It is worth pointing out here that the ancient civilizations and the Hawaii people took advantage of the humidity and water droplets to watch stars and planets. Tiny water droplets were used as nothing but a telescope!

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