The Length of Your Fingers Might Give Away Some Traits of Your Personality

    The Length of Your Fingers Might Give Away Some Traits of Your Personality

    The Length of Your Fingers Might Give Away Some Traits of Your Personality
    4:34 PM EST, March 12, 2021, updated: 5:56 PM EST, March 12, 2021

    Scientific research usually refers to statistical data or discoveries that we may find irrelevant. However, sometimes it can be really interesting and quite a few facts can make you wonder.

    According to scientists, human hides secrets related to our personality. It all lies in ring finger as it shows how much testosterone we got while still in mother’s womb.

    Type A. Ring finger longer than the index finger

    You are charming. Generally speaking people with such proportion look very good, they are charming and ideally get on with others. However, they can be aggressive and tend to take on too much risk. According to scientists, they earn more than their friends.

    Type B: ring finger is shorter than the index finger

    People with such proportion are self-confident or even narcissistic. They are natural born leaders. They enjoy being on their own and get annoyed when somebody disturbs them. In relationships they never make the first step.

    Their senses are much more developed than others’.

    Type C: index finger and ring finger are the same length

    These are people who appreciate love and peace. They are good negotiators as well as loving and loyal partners. They are often more balanced than others and also calm and introvert. They prefer listening to speaking. They can comfort others and also appreciate them, whenever somebody needs it.

    Which type are you? Does it match your personality traits?
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