The Dark Dot in the Yolk of an Egg Disgusts So Many. Can We Eat the Egg?

    The Dark Dot in the Yolk of an Egg Disgusts So Many. Can We Eat the Egg?

    The Dark Dot in the Yolk of an Egg Disgusts So Many. Can We Eat the Egg?
    10:44 AM EDT, September 29, 2020

    It is not so easy to decide whether an egg is fresh or not. Sometimes you can only do it after you break it. However, if the only problem is the bloody stain – do not throw it away at once.


    Many people think it is an embryo

    Many people wrongly believe that the bloody spot is an embryo. And they are wrong.

    Such an egg can still be sold, which means it can’t be hazardous for our health. Of course it is impossible to decide if the egg contains it before you actually break it.

    The color of the dot is the clue

    If it is not an embryo, then what is it? Red or brown stain is nothing but a drop of blood. If the dot is near the yolk, the bleeding must have occurred when the egg cell was released.

    Such stains are very rare. It is estimated that only 1- 2 % eggs have them.


    Take care of your hens

    If you keep your own chickens and you happen to see such stains, it means you have to change something about their diet. The clots mean that the animals need more vitamin A and D or could suffer from excessive stress.

    Can such eggs be eaten?

    If after breaking an egg you spot a stain like this, try to take it out. Don’t worry if you don’t manage to do it – the egg can still be eaten.

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