13 Photos that Perfectly Show the Differences Between Generations

Sometimes it is enough to be born just a few years earlier or later and you can have completely different habits than your sister or brother. Or, for example, not know what a cassette tape is and what it’s used for.

Here are a dozen photos that do a great job of documenting generational differences.

#1 They Are Both Playing Blocks, but One of Them Is Playing a “Slightly” Older Live Version, the Second One Minecraft


#2 “My 6 Year Old Sister’s Phone and My Phone When I Was 6”


#3 13 Year Old Girl in the Past and 13 Year Old Girl Today


#4 If You’re Under 25, You May Not Know What This is


#5 The Photo Speaks for Itself


#6 Do You Know What This Handle Is for (If You Think It’s Obvious Ask Any Teenager)?


#7 “When I Was Riding the Train Some Kid Came up to Me and Asked What This Was”

Roob Himself/twitter

#8 Do You Know What Is This?

Siobhán McHatton/twitter

#9 You Used to Carry This Around With You to Listen to Music

the Sweatpants ninja/twitter

#10 Find the Difference in Ways to Spend Time


#11 “And What Are These? – THE Ancestors of the Flash Drive, Sonny…”


#12 When You Have a Tennis Table at Home and Prefer to Play It on a Console


#13 When You See Phones You Used “Barely Yesterday” in a Museum, You Can Feel Really Old


Do you feel generational differences between yourself and someone close to you?

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