Book Lamp

Use old books and combine them with a light fixture to make this extraordinary lamp.

Beaded Chandelier

Attach Mardi Gras-style metallic beads to a hanging wire basket to create this decorative chandelier.

Olive Oil Lamp

Use a mason jar and some oil to make a modern oil lamp!

White Twig Chandelier

Find some twigs or branches in your garden to turn them into eye-catching, rustic chandelier.

Pineapple Lamp

Turn plastic bottle and spoons into awesome fruity lamp!

Watercolor Lamp Base

Are you searching for the perfect lamp to your place, check this out!

The Cloud

See this stunning interactive thunderstorm lamp and speaker system in the form of a cumulus.

Lava Lamp

Get hypnotized by this mesmerizing homemade lamp!

Rustic Lace Lamp

Enhance your interiors with beautiful, handmade lamp out of delicate laces

Simple Lampshade

Give your home a serene ambiance with the sweet and simple Lampshade.