Mongolian Yurt

Follow the instructions and build a durable, portable Mongolian house!

Homemade Febreeze

Mix inexpensive ingredients to make this room freshener!

Little Wood House

You can use an old trailer frame to build this adorable tiny wood house.

Fancy Dog House

Collect all necessary supplies and make super cozy house for your dog with extra roof top deck!

Mini Gingerbread House

Mix aromatic spices with flour, shape the dough into a house and get a delicious treat!

Western Kids House

Build a wood house for your kiddo and create fun zone for them!

Smoke House

Build a smoke house to preserve food in a natural way!

Budget Cabin

Build this cheap cabin to store garden equipment during the winter!

Chicken Coop

Get motivated to grow your own flock of chickens!

Pallet House

Feel encouraged to build an upcycled Pallet House!

House Plant Cupcakes

You can grow your plants but you can also bake them! Check out this recipe!