Old Book Pages Stars

Reuse an old and yellowed book pages and turn them into vintage decorative paper stars.

Little Yarn Hats

Wind yarn onto strips of toilet paper rolls to make these cute tiny hats!

Circus Paper Ornament

Cut the paper into strips and combine them using needle and thread to create beautiful paper Christmas tree ornament!

Indelible Painted Mugs

Grab few colors of the oil based paint pens and draw favorites shapes on the mug.

Yarn Wrapped Star

Cut paper into star and wrap it using yarn to create marvelous Christmas ornaments.

Modern Christmas Decoration

Cut color paper into strips and combine them using clinch to create decorative Christmas ornaments.

Glitter Snowball

Turn balloons and string into…charming and shining Christmas decorations!

Rustic Snowflake

Connect few little twigs to create these adorable ornaments!

Berry Christmas Pavlova

Put some red fruits and white cream on the meringue to make this beautiful Christmas dessert!

Mini Gingerbread House

Mix aromatic spices with flour, shape the dough into a house and get a delicious treat!