A Tabletop Full of Plants. You Can Work From Home And Feel Like You’re in Your Own Garden

    A Tabletop Full of Plants. You Can Work From Home And Feel Like You’re in Your Own Garden

    5:59 PM EDT, June 29, 2022, updated: 3:19 PM EDT, June 30, 2022

    A British design studio has created the perfect piece of furniture for flower lovers who do remote work. It allows you to be surrounded by plants all the time.

    Furniture for the Home Office


    Back in 2020, AHEC (the American Hardwood Industry Trade Association) invited nine designers from around the world to create furniture that would make working in a home office much easier and more enjoyable.


    Designers within the Connected project could work with only three species of American wood: cherry, maple, red oak. And it all took place during the prevailing coronavirus pandemic.

    # Working on the Legs


    # New Plant Table


    A project that definitely draws attention is the work of British creator Thomas Heatherwick and his team of 180 people. It is worth mentioning that in the initial phase, they all worked at home. The designers created a piece of furniture called Stem. It consists of 6 carved legs (of different heights) made of maple wood. They can be easily attached to the top of a table or desk (they match furniture available at Ikea).

    # Flowers on a Desk


    The legs are crowned with bowls of different diameters. They are perfect for planting your favorite plants. This makes the whole project unique and original. Designers wanted to create a piece of furniture, which will manage to bring every person working at home closer to nature. The legs, reminiscent of plant stems, ensure constant contact with your favorite flowers and give you the opportunity to separate from your surroundings behind a green curtain. And as we all know, communing with nature calms down and supports brain function.

    # Close to Nature


    In addition, electric cables can be pulled through the legs and selected bowls can be transformed into lamps. Their installation itself requires only an Allen wrench. Working at a desk with legs in flowers, you can feel like in your dream garden. This was also the designers' intention. They wanted to create a piece of furniture, which everyone can adjust to their own needs. Thanks to it, nature will permanently cross pass with our reality.

    # BONUS

    In the frame of project Connected, the designers at Italian duo Studiopepe created a charming table and chair resembling with a pink moon.


    Have you got ant unusual furniture at home?

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