3 Types of Surfaces That Should Not Be Cleaned With a Paper Towel

    3 Types of Surfaces That Should Not Be Cleaned With a Paper Towel

    3 Types of Surfaces That Should Not Be Cleaned With a Paper Towel
    1:21 PM EDT, August 11, 2022, updated: 11:50 AM EDT, August 18, 2022

    Paper towels save us in many everyday situations. With them, we can quickly clean up spilled water, muddy floors or clean sticky fingers. However, what surfaces are better not to clean with a paper towel?

    However, it turns out that such a towel is not suitable for cleaning several objects. Using it can only damage their surface or make the job more difficult.

    # 1 Device Screens


    If you want to take care of a clean monitor of your Mac book or iPhone you better not clean it with a paper towel. The screens of modern devices are very delicate and not very scratch-resistant, and the rough surface of a paper towel can damage their surface. In addition, paper can leave white fibers (lint) that are hard to remove. If you want to clean monitors it is better to use a fabric microfiber cloth. The same applies to the surface of televisions.

    # 2 Glasses


    When corrective glasses are dirty or greasy we want to improve their appearance as soon as possible. However, reflexively reaching for a paper towel can end up damaging the surface and replacing the glasses, and that can be costly. Instead of using a paper towel, it is better to replace it with a special eyeglass cleaning cloth, which you can buy at any optical store.

    # 3 Lacquered Furniture


    Lovers of lacquered furniture should remember that cleaning it from dust or greasy fingerprints is not easy. Even more so if you reach for a paper towel, which will only create more dust and lint, and can also scratch the surface of the furniture. I guess you don't want all the tiny scratches made by scrubbing the furniture to become super visible? Replace the paper towel with a soft cloth or invest in a special wax for cleaning lacquered furniture.

    Is best to point out that not every paper towel is rough and will immediately mess up your phone or glasses, but it's worth remembering that when cleaning such surfaces, it's better to choose a safe alternative or a soft and gentle towel.

    # BONUS:

    When cleaning the bathroom, never flush a paper towel down the toilet, it is much thicker than toilet paper and can clog pipes!

    Save time by following these techniques !!!

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