Succulents Looking like Tiny Dolphins Popping Out of Ocean Waves

    Succulents Looking like Tiny Dolphins Popping Out of Ocean Waves

    Succulents Looking like Tiny Dolphins Popping Out of Ocean Waves
    8:24 PM EST, January 16, 2023, updated: 9:58 AM EST, January 18, 2023

    Succulents have caught on. They are so easy to grow that everyone can have them at home. The water retention capability of their leaves, stems and roots makes the upper part of the plant look interesting. Their thick juicy leaves take a variety of shapes…

    Senecio Peregrinus – dolphin succulents

    A very good example of a succulent with unusually shaped leaves is senecio peregrinus. It is a hybrid between Senecio articulates and Senecio rowleyanus. The leaves of this plant look like jumping little dolphins. That is why the plant is also known as dolphin necklace, dolphin string, flying dolphin or dolphin plant.

    Senecio peregrinus - care

    This unusual plant perfectly endures dry periods. However, if we don’t want our dolphins to wrinkle, we’d better keep the medium properly moisturized.

    You only need to water the soil once a week. It is recommended that the medium go dry before it is watered next time.

    In the winter, it should be watered once a month only.

    Dolphin succulent – the soil

    The plant, like other succulents, needs permissible, good drainage soil so that water will not accumulate.

    It prefers light spots with dispersed light, without direct sun exposure.\

    The best temperature for the dolphin necklace is 22 degrees C. In the winter, when the plant hibernates, it ought to be kept in colder environment, approximately 15 degrees C.

    Dolphin succulents – propagation

    The plant can be propagated by rooting single cuttings. All you need to do is put them in water or rooting hormone medium.

    Dolphin succulents bloom!

    The flowers appear in the fall and remind dandelion clocks a little.

    What do you think about these cute dolphins?

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