15 Strange Looking Objects That Only a Few People Recognize

    15 Strange Looking Objects That Only a Few People Recognize

    3:12 PM EDT, April 19, 2022, updated: 3:39 PM EDT, April 20, 2022

    Sometimes you look at something and you can't for the life of you guess what it is or what it can be used for. If you're into this kind of weirdness, you'll feel like you're in heaven with this collection.

    #1 "What are Those Strange Streaks in the Sky?"


    Answer. They're traces of a space rocket taking off from the Florida coast.

    #2 "They Were My Gummy Bears."


    Answer. It's another Haribo jelly that got mixed in not in his package.

    #3 "Why Does This Car Have That Thing?"


    Answer. Apparently it's used to haul construction materials like drywall or wooden components.

    #4 "I Saw This by the Side of the Road in the Netherlands. What is it?"


    Answer. They are meant to help bats orient themselves until recently cut trees grow up. Bats need to hear the reflection of their sound to know where they are going.

    #5 "That Looks Like a Human Brain!"


    Answer. It's dog poop.

    #6 "Why Does This Gate Have so Many Padlocks?"


    Answer. The gate can be opened by unlocking only one padlock. Because of this gate design, multiple people can use the gate, and if one of them loses their keys, only their padlock needs to be replaced. Unlike a single padlock with multiple keys, where you would have to give multiple people a new key.

    #7 "It Looks Like a Bulldog's Butt"


    Answer. It's expansion foam used in woodwork. Manufacturers like to color them for brand recognition or to identify the intended use. All the marks are there. Even coloring, molded outer shell, and a random expansion pattern that I know of.

    #8 "What's With the Card at the Bank Door?"


    Answer. It's some kind of internal communication by bank employees to let others know that, for example, security is already down and they can come in.

    #9 "I Found This Around the Harbor"


    Answer. It's an old cannonball.

    #10 "What is This Crusted Tube?"


    Answer. It's a dwarf stingray or part of it.

    #11 "Why is This Tub so Weird?"


    Answer. The recess is for washing your feet.

    #12 "I Found These Metal Objects Under the Pier. What are They?"


    Answer. They're good luck amulets that are intentionally thrown into the water.

    #13 "Why Does this STOP Looking so Weird?"


    Answer. These are apertures, usually used so that the sign can be read at a sharp angle. They are also called directional shields. You are much more likely to see them on traffic signals.

    #14 A Metal Tool with a Wooden Handle. No Label at a Second-hand Store


    Answer. Knife, roller, for cutting dough for dumplings

    #15 I Found This While Spring Cleaning. Not Really Sure What it is Used for


    Answer. This is a "protection" that children can slide over their foreheads and protect their eyes from shampoo while washing their hair

    Which one surprised you the most?

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