Sticky Tape Your Hat to Fend off a Fly Attack!

    Sticky Tape Your Hat to Fend off a Fly Attack!

    Sticky Tape Your Hat to Fend off a Fly Attack!
    1:45 AM EDT, August 19, 2021, updated: 2:34 PM EDT, August 22, 2021

    The pain of many avid gardeners are the flies buzzing and flying right overhead. One gardener showed how to fight them.

    Fly Attack

    When weeding flowerbeds, there's probably nothing worse than a flock of flies circling persistently overhead. Some are so bold that they try to get into your eyes and are not deterred by your constant waving of your arms. These insects also gave Bridget Whalen-Nevin a hard time. The woman lives in the USA and loves spending time in her garden. She decided to declare war on the nuisance flies. She was helped by her dad and his reliable gardening trick.


    Sticky trap in the garden

    Bridget picked up one of her gardening hats and wrapped the edge with the good old flypaper. Armed with this gadget, she went out into the garden. She could work in peace while all the noisy insects stuck to the sticky trap. No black flies can win with such a trap 😉 What a simple and brilliant patent!

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