A Tip For Avoiding Smudges on the Glass Washed In a Dishwasher

    A Tip For Avoiding Smudges on the Glass Washed In a Dishwasher

    A Tip For Avoiding Smudges on the Glass Washed In a Dishwasher
    1:38 AM EDT, August 16, 2022, updated: 6:24 PM EDT, August 17, 2022

    Almost everyone at home has aluminum foil, Most often we use it for packaging food. But there are many more uses for this foil. Today we will show you how to use aluminum foil to make the streaks on the glass after washing in the dishwasher disappear.

    Aluminum Foil


    Aluminum foil is used in many ways. Thrown in the washing machine, it prevents material from becoming electrified. And left on a countertop or table, it will stave off cats from jumping on the kitchen tops. Aluminum foil, however, is most useful in the kitchen. And not just for wrapping food.

    Smudges on Glassware After Dishwasher Washing.

    We wash most dishes in the dishwasher. However, we always have some set backs when analysing the load after. You will not have to dry dishes after taking them out of the dishwasher thanks to the simple trick we described.

    Water on the cups will also no longer collect after you follow this trick. Glassware or drinking glasses often have streaks and marks after being taken out of the dishwasher. You then have to clean them or wash them already by hand and polish them. But what if there is a better way of doing it?

    How Does It Work?

    Aluminum foil reacts with various substances. In the case of the dishwasher, these are the ingredients of dishwashing capsules/tablets. The aluminum foil enhances their effect, resulting in cleaner dishes.

    However, the most gratifying fact is that a ball of aluminum foil thrown into the dishwasher, prevents smears on the glass! Traces of water, which usually remain on glasses and glasses made of thin glass, will disappear!

    What Can Be Done to Prevent Smudges From Forming on the Glass After Washing in the Dishwasher?


    Just crush a piece of aluminum foil into a ball and place it on the top drawer of the dishwasher, where the glass drinkware is located. And that's it. If you have more glassware, you can make two balls.

    The Way to Clean Cutlery After Taking It Out of the Dishwasher

    This trick has another advantage. After washing, not only the glasses will shine free of smears, but also the cutlery. There will be no need to polish them if you place one ball of aluminum foil in the basket with them.

    Get washing !!!

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