Smart And Reliable way to Check Gas Level in a Cylinder. Let There Be Food!!!

    Smart And Reliable way to Check Gas Level in a Cylinder. Let There Be Food!!!

    4:00 AM EDT, October 15, 2020

    Many people cannot imagine their daily existence without the use of a gas cylinder. Apart from being used in some kitchens still, it is irreplaceable on camping sites, RV's and even for BBQ parties. Additionally, it is perfect for heating holiday cottages and powering outdoor parasols. So let's take a look at the correct way to check for gas level before we start cooking...


    There is probably nothing worse than suddenly realise you out of gas while preparing a meal. Then the nervous search for a spare bottle or the nearest convenience store.


    Now, here's a secret you didn't know. There is a reliable way to avoid unnecessary stress and to make sure to always cook a meal according to plan. All you have to do is apply a small trick. You will only need water to do it.

    Ready? Here's how to check the gas level in the cylinder!

    STEP 1: Place the bottle on a level surface.

    STEP 2: prepare a jug of hot, but not boiling water.

    STEP 3: pour the liquid on one side of the bottle.


    STEP 4: put your hand on the bottle. Look for cool or warm area. Warm means there is no more gas in. The cool area, on the other hand, indicates that there is hope.


    How do you like this brilliant way of checking the gas level? Or maybe you have already tried it? Be sure to let us know in the commentary.

    Still In doubt? here's a short tutorial see how simple that is

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