The Way You Sleep Says a Lot about Your Personality. Strange, but True!

    The Way You Sleep Says a Lot about Your Personality. Strange, but True!

    3:04 AM EDT, June 6, 2024

    People sleep in a variety of positions. While some prefer sleeping on their stomach, others will never drop off until they are lying on their left or right side.

    The position we choose, although seemingly chosen subconsciously, does matter. Believe it or not, the way you sleep can tell you a lot about what kind of person you are when you are awake. On average we spend a third of our lives sleeping so perhaps it is not that surprising to realize how much in common the sleeping position has with our personality.

    #1 A soldier


    The name 'soldier' is not random here. The person sleeps with their arms stretched along the body. People sleeping like that are strong, they prefer silence and hate disorder. They are well-organized and treat everyone very seriously. It also means that they have high expectations as far as other people are concerned. They also tend to snore.

    #2 A log


    This is one of the most common sleeping positions – on your side with arms and legs resting along the body. Although it seems stiff, it has got nothing to do with the personality traits of the person. People sleeping like that are usually sociable and easy-going. As they like talking to a variety of people, they enjoy hanging around with a big group of people.

    #3 A parachute jumper


    People preferring this position sleep on their stomach with their head resting on its side and the hands resting on the pillow. Parachute sleepers can be described as free spirits who love being in control of everything. They love taking risks and are surprisingly susceptible to criticism.

    #4 A mummy


    A mummy sleeps on their side, with the arms stretched straight ahead (just like mummies do). Scientists have discovered that this is the position of open people. Again, they can also be cynical and suspicious. They are also slow and making a decision is a really time-consuming process in their case. Moreover, they are really stubborn and bringing them round your point of view is hell of a challenge.

    #5 A starfish


    Starfish sleepers will have their arms above their head and their legs stretched. It was scientifically proven that these people are very loyal and they really appreciate friendship. They are good listeners and enjoy helping others solve their problems. You can always count on a starfish!

    #6 Fetal position


    It's one of the most common sleeping positions. Statistically, as many as 41% of people sleep like that. Though they might seem tough, it is just an illusion. In fact they are shy and sensitive. They also tend to exaggerate problems and worry unnecessarily.

    Have you got your favorite sleeping position?

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