Sharing Washing Machines – Another Eco‑Friendly Solution to Live a Greener Life!

    Sharing Washing Machines – Another Eco-Friendly Solution to Live a Greener Life!

    5:14 PM EDT, May 9, 2022

    Browsing social media you can come across people discussing the idea of sharing household appliances inside one apartment block.

    Jeremy Sallee/unsplash
    Jeremy Sallee/unsplash

    Washing hours

    In Switzerland some block follow an interesting schedule. There are no washing machines inside individual apartments – this is technically impossible to have one there. Sometimes the front doors are so narrow that no machine could go through it. Moreover, to have your own washing machine you need to obtain the permission of the block management and take out appropriate insurance (against flooding your neighbors). That is why each block has got its laundry facility. Usually this is a few basement rooms with washing machines and laundry drying racks. Interestingly, the washing hours are regulated by the management and sometimes you have to register for a particular day. And often it is just the ‘first come first served’ rule.

    Daeva miles/unsplash
    Daeva miles/unsplash

    Sharing appliances and devices within a single apartment block has got several advantages:

    • we do not overspend buying too many things as we use appliances already available,

    • we live a more sustainable life,

    • a lot of bathroom and cabinet space is saved,

    • you don’t need to worry about getting the appliances fixed or serviced as the housing community management does it for you,

    • such things as a meat-grinder or a food mixer are used so rarely that it is much more economical to borrow them,

    • we produce less garbage,

    • we develop more social skills (as being in the same laundry with another person forces you to do that)

    Mathias P.R. Reding/unsplash
    Mathias P.R. Reding/unsplash

    There are also a few disadvantages of sharing appliances with others. These include:

    • you can’t do your laundry any time you want – you have to follow the schedule,

    • you never know what kind of clothes your neighbors wash and whether that wills stain your clothes,

    • some people do not handle the shared equipment properly and might often fail to work properly,

    • there is always a risk of some things being stolen,

    • trusting your neighbors that is something many people have to work on.

    What is your opinion about sharing household appliances?
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