Unpaired Glove Chipmunk

Sew a funny Chipmunk toy out of loose glove.
Do you want to be creative and ECOnomical at the same time just like it was in The Toilet Paper Roll Race Cars case? I bet you are as much as you are familiar with this annoying winter-time scenario: you are in a hurry leaving the apartment, the last thing to do is to put the gloves on and...there is only one from a pair. In my case - being the mother of three the problem is even multiplied.

What I'm curious of is what you do with that one left. If you keep it in vain hopes of finding the missing one, I have the solution which would save you the frustration over a subject. It's named Unpaired Glove Chipmunk and you can go to to see all details in "Happy Gloves" boook! You will be able to find more animals there too.

That is one of these fabulous D.I.Y. projects which are simple enough for children to follow the instructions, with a little help from the adults, perhaps. It brings a lot of joy, both, in making and playing. And helps you feel in control of your belongings, which I personally think, is also important.

The author of this toy - Miyako Kanamori took care of its' resemblance to reality. I think that although it's great, you can give free rein to your imagination and materials in your possession at the moment. If your unpaired glove is turquoise e.g., kids would love the toy the same, or even better;) We are waiting for a wide range of your colourful Chipmunks on our fb profile.

Unpaired Glove Chipmunk

What you need:


  • Scissors
  • Fabric pen
  • Needle

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Glove
  • Stuffing
  • 2 thick pipe cleaners (one cut in a half)
  • Thin yarn of embroidery thread (colours matching the glove)
  • 1 wooden bead

Unpaired Glove Chipmunk 01

Unpaired Glove Chipmunk 02

Unpaired Glove Chipmunk 03

Unpaired Glove Chipmunk 04

Unpaired Glove Chipmunk 05

Unpaired Glove Chipmunk 06

Unpaired Glove Chipmunk 07

Unpaired Glove Chipmunk 08

Unpaired Glove Chipmunk 09

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