Sock Bunny

Transform a colorful knee high sock into beloved soft toy for your kid!
Do you remember your favorite soft toy, the one you were falling asleep with? I do :) His name was Guy, he came from the Knitten Family ;), had a long scarf and a cap with a pom-pom. We separated when I was 16, 'cause there was someone who needed him more than I did.

I’m sure that if you give a kid a handmade toy, it will be cherished more than a bought one. That’s why I want to show you a very quick, inexpensive and easy idea for a soft toy. Sock Bunny is so simple that you’ll manage to prepare a bunch of them in a short time (they will make great gifts and funny decoration for Easter, too). I found this idea on Lil Blue Boo - a very special place run by Ashley (she’s got plenty of great things there!) If you need a company for Sock Bunny, visit Cute Sock Monkey we presented earlier.

Do you have any ideas how to customize Sock Bunnies? The ones you sewed are so cute that you want to show them to other Handimaniacs? Visit our fan page and feel free to leave a comment or post a pic!

The full tutorial for Sock Bunny with detailed pictures can be found here.


What you need:


  • Scissors
  • Needle

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Knee high sock
  • Thread
  • Buttons
  • Stuffing

sock bunny 01

sock bunny 02

sock bunny 03

sock bunny 04

sock bunny 05

sock bunny 06

sock bunny 07

sock bunny 08

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