Recycled Jeans Bag

Turn your denim into a creative snack bag.
I have got my few, favorite piece of clothing, Converse trainers and all kinds of denims. It is very hard for me to get rid of any of those, when they lose their fashionable look, and are quite worn after many years of constant using.

Jeans is one of those fabrics that will never be "out of date". When you think about using it again, sewing something useful, you stop because of it's hardness. It is thick, furthermore, not that easy to transfix with a regular needle or even sewing machine.

Today I have found great jeans sewing project that is really easy to complete. Recycled Jeans Bag from Between the Lines, with a full tutorial here, will be an awesome do it yourself work for this week. Since I have got tons of jeans , I am trying with this for sure. What about you? If you decide to do it, please show me the pictures on our facebook.

Have fun and stay creative!

Recycled Jeans Bag Collage

What you need:


  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Sewing machine (although you could do this project entirely
    by hand).

Supplies / ingredients:

  • An old pair of pants
  • An old belt

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