Peek-A-Boo Toy Sack

Make this awesome "window" bag to store your kids toys
Since little Anya was born I somehow come across many interesting tutorials for kids gadgets. Do you remember this funky Mismatched Socks Snake that was made out of colorful, used socks? Have you already started sewing this soft and puffy Rainbow Bubble Quilt that is one of our most recent finds.? All those are not only creative, but also quite easy to make at home.

The older your kid is, the more toys there are to keep in order, though. With Peek-A-Boo Toy Sack made by Toni from "Make it perfect" blog, you will handle both, storing toys and find them easily thanks to cool PVC "window". This tutorial requires some sewing skills, but I bet you will manage to complete it.

Be creative with the type of fabric and pattern to make your children happy to have such nice toy sacks. As soon as you finish, feel free to share your sewing experience with us.

Jump straight to the detailed tutorial of Peek-A-Boo Toy Sack.


 Peek-A-Boo Toy Sack

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