Hot & Cold Bags

Are you cold? Use some rice and a piece of material to make a natural ‘heater’!

Kids Bean Bag Chair

Prepare two pieces of fabric and sew them together to make a comfortable place to rest and play.

Travel Chair

Use some fabric and your sewing skills to make a secure sitting pad for your baby!

Homemade iPhone Wallet

Choose your favourite fabric and follow the instruction to make an iPhone wallet.

Cozy Handwarmers

Use a piece of fabric and some rice to keep your hand warm in winter!

Colorful Pouf

Grab some fabric and use your sewing skills to make a comfy seat!

Fabric Snack Bags

Follow this tutorial to sew reusable, colorful snack pockets!

Teddy Bear Hat

Get warm fleece, use a pattern and sew this cute hat!

Owl Keychain Pouch

Do you tend to forget your keys everywhere? Make this keychain to help you!