Old Men’s T-shirt Makeover

Find an old man's t-shirt and turn it into a woman's dolman tee.
Every woman sometimes likes to steal something from a guy’s closet. Seems that Laura, the truly talented owner of the ‘Trash to Couture’ blog, knows exactly what we're talking about. ;) She picked up one of her hubby's t-shirts and turned it into her favorite style tee. We love that project for the comfortable, effortless style of the dolman tee and it’s such a simple way to change something ordinary into something special.

There are so many ways to turn an ordinary t-shirt into something special, that's why you should check out the Upcycled T-shirt Bag or the T-shirt Bracelets if you want to try and share your experiences with us.

Check out the full tutorial on the Trash to Couture!

What you need:


  • Sewing machine

Supplies / ingredients:

  • T-shirt

To see the full list of Tools and Supplies check out the source post.


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