Halloween Kid Penguin Costume

Sew this cute and easy costume for your little one to have fun
This year Halloween is going to be too cute with little Anya in our house. I was trying to find some inspiration for a cozy outfit for a girl which wouldn't be too girly at the same time. Big thanks to Ashley from "Make it & Love it" as she has created this Halloween Kid Penguin Costume.

Take out your sewing machine and follow all detailed instructions provided by Ashley. She says that even a semi-beginner will handle it! I bet, this awesome penguin costume will do not only for Halloween party, but also for everyday pyjamas. We can't wait to see the effects of your work so start sewing today and share it with us afterwards!

To read the full sewing tutorial of Halloween Kid Penguin Costume, click the link.


 Halloween Kid Penguin Costume

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