The Foldover Tote

Make yourself a practical bag for everyday use or shopping as well!
This time I would like to show you a tutorial of a very necessary stuff for all women, especially moms. Even though I’m not a mum I know that finding a good-quality, and in the same time fitting bag, can be a miracle sometimes. Getting a tote which is not only practical but also pretty is even harder. In this situation there is only a one way out...sewing a suitable bag yourself.

I found this great tutorial on “Make It Handmade” website, running by Palak. Cool website, very user friendly, with a huge amount of tutorials, projects and patterns. The author very clearly explains how to sew this kind of bag. In addition she shows three ways of using it. It’s amazing how easy sewing my be, and what an awesome stuff you can make at home without professional tools!

If you’re looking for other handmade bag, check the tutorial for a Recycled Jeans Bag!

We’re waiting for the pictures of your tote, don’t by shy and share some on our fan page!

To see the full tutorial of this awesome Foldover Tote, click the link!


What you need:


  • Sewing machine

Supplies / ingredients:

  • 2 large swivel hooks
  • 2 large d-rings
  • 2 rectangles 24″x21″ (body of the tote)
  • 2 rectangles 4 inches by 26″ (shoulder handles)
  • 1 4″x45 inch strip (cross body strap)
  • 2 4″ x 3″ inch rectangles (d-ring tabs)


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