Easy T-shirt Bags

Cut and sew an old t-shirt to trasform it into this cute grocery bag!
I’m a spring enthusiast. If I were to pick my favourite time of year, it would undoubtedly be my choice. Amongst many pleasures of this season, going to a town market and buying spring veggies is on my top list. As a green girl, I always have a tote bag with me (a bunch of them to be precise) to carry all my treasures. I usually buy my grocery totes in second hand shops or my favorite eco shop; I even sewed a few myself. But I’ve never thought of making one from a used t-shirt, have you?

I’m always up for using old t-shirts in a new way. We’re gonna show you our version of T-shirt Yarn tutorial soon, and we already have some upcycled t-shirt ideas on the website. Easy T-shirt Bags with their adorable, girlish design will be an interesting addition to the list. On “Delia creates” blog, you’ll find a full tutorial with photos of bags in different sizes and shapes. This idea can be easily customized, and I hope you’ll go creative with it.

One of the best things in going green is inspiring others to change their habits by showing them that being eco doesn’t have to pricey, and it’s so fun to DIY your household items. So don’t be shy and show us your Easy T-shirt Bags to encourage other handimaniacs!

A full tutorial of this Easy T-shirt Bags idea can be found on “Delia creates” website.

What you need:


  • sewing machine
  • ruler
  • marker
  • scissors

Supplies / ingredients:

  • used t-shirts
  • thread


Do you use reusable shopping bags?

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