Cute Sock Monkey

Sewing your own monkey from a sock is as easy as a pie with this great step by step tutorial!
Looking for some crafts for kids I was thinking about something soft this time as there are many cardboard projects around the net. As a child I remember I used to love monkeys and even had one, special monkey boy made by my granny. When I found this project on Crafts Passion I thought it is time to take my sewing machine out and start doing something with other techniques than crochet or knitting.

This cute Sock Monkey made my heart go boom from the start and hope Anya would love it too. I know that for some of you it might look complicated especially when talking about using sewing machine but you can either do the whole monkey just with a sewing needle or ask someone to help you with the most difficult parts. For me the biggest problem is that when I use one sock I wouldn’t have the other one anymore ;) All of you who have too many socks or don’t bother if you wear just one from each pair, take your  time to go past to your childhood memories and sew one monkey for each good one!

What was your favorite toy? Do you still remember? Let us know in comments below!

Check out tutorial on Craft Passion.


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