Camera Carrier

Find joy in stitching this camera carrier!
When I was a child the technology wasn’t as developed as it is now . So many events have faded away and I only know them from my parents’ stories. If only someone had documented all those funny moments for me. Now, we can't help documenting every precious moment of our lives. I’m still learning but I like experimenting with Hazy Photo Sandwich Bag Trick. We take our camera everywhere to make our memories vivid in the future. Taking camera everywhere we go is sometimes a bit problematic, especially when we need some other equipment.

I have been just inspired by a designer Joy Kelley of How Joyful who made her Camera Carrier. The main advantage of this product is a flexible padded insert that can be adjusted depending on the gear you’d like to carry. It looks durable and more original than a regular camera bag. I’m gonna sew it but with a zip and a long shoulder strap.

What’s your opinion on this carrier? Have you made your camera carriers? We’re waiting to see it. You can also share other bag carrier sewing tutorials on our website.

Check the tutorial on How Joyful.

What you need:


  • Sewing Machine

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Foam
  • Felt


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