Braided Scarf

Make a glamorous and nobby scarf for cold days!
Winter is almost gone and we can get rid of wintry clothes (finally!). As a good way to start Spring, we want to present you quick and simple t-shirt upcycle idea (there are more on the way!). I'm talking about Braided Scarf - the easiest way to make a light-weight and low-cost spring accesorry. The idea is to tie up two two parts of different t-shirts by making a braided accent.

We found this tutorial on “Put up your dukes” blog. The author explains every single step in a very accurate way. The only problem you may have is using a sewing machine, but I’m sure that you know somebody who would help you in joining the parts of the scarf.

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Don't hesitate and add pictures of your scarf to user gallery below.

Check the tutorial on Put Up Your Dukes!

What you need:


  • sewing machine
  • hand-sewing needle

Supplies / ingredients:

  • 2 long rectangles of fabric
  • thread that is the same color as one of your fabrics


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