Among the Crowd of Santas There Is Someone Hiding, It’s Time to Start the Christmas Hunt!


Just take a look at the red and white image and try to find:

• a snowman
• Mrs. Claus
• a sad Santa Claus
• an elf
• an apple
• a polar bear
• a bell

There are a few things to spot so you should easily find at least some of them.One little hint – they are scattered all over the picture. Although at first glance it looks like nothing but a global Santa Claus convention, there are some other things you might find…


Time for the answer

In the top there is an elf. Slightly below you will find a snowman, an apple, Mrs. Claus and a bell. In the bottom of the picture there is Santa Claus and a polar bear.

Have you managed to find all of them?



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