Restaurant Staff Give Away Some ‘Backdoor’ Secrets. What Is the Truth about the Other Side?

    Restaurant Staff Give Away Some ‘Backdoor’ Secrets. What Is the Truth about the Other Side?

    3:32 PM EDT, April 6, 2022

    Working in a restaurant business is not a bed of roses. If you have some experiences in this area you know this so well. Still, in spite of all the hardships there are more joyful moments, too.

    Restaurant employees reveal some of their secrets to give you an insight about what the job is really like.

    #1 Cleaning is a challenge


    If you are wondering why some trays look so dirty, you're not alone in your deliberations. Sometimes it is not a matter of years of carelessness but just years of intensive frying. Congratulations to the person who has managed to give it such a good scour!

    #2 No room for small utensils

    'Our 160-kilo mixer got broken so we are no longer able to use it. This is when I decided to do something I had been dreaming about ever since I started working at the bakery.'


    #3 Stash-eating: another restaurant secret

    Just like some shoemakers walk barefoot, restaurant personnel starves quite often, too. When the place is overloaded with customers, there is no time to eat.

    The author of this Tik-Tok video shows some chefs and waitresses hiding under the kitchen tops to have a quick snack to survive.

    #4 Attachment to objects

    Everybody has got their favorite knife, cloth or even a spoon. The pain after losing these precious items can be unbearable, even if the kitchen is full of potential replacements.


    'We have been together for 10 years, through 4 different bosses. Today they snapped for the last time'.

    #5 And this is what the crew look like when a guest goes for something really hot


    This is risky especially in Asian-cuisine restaurants.

    #6 Posh meals at home? Forget it!

    Do you really think that the cooks prepare something fancy for themselves once they get home?


    ‘At work I make luxurious dishes for 10 – 11 hours per day. When I get home, I microwave some dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets.’

    #7 The chef had been using the board to slice bread for so long that eventually one day he cut it in two


    #8 There's no room for little fish


    The delivery guy lost all the respect they had for him once he brought this one.

    #9 'We all clubbed to get him a decent knife. He always does his best and he is the nicest colleague of all'


    Such people are priceless everywhere!

    #10 One of the newbie’s glasses fell into a deep fryer


    And they used to be so lovely and colorful...

    #11 When everyone steals your pens and there is nowhere you can get one once you need it


    This piece of equipment is really indispensible.

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