6 Restaurant Behaviors That Driver All Waiters Mad. It’s Nothing but Bad Manners!

    6 Restaurant Behaviors That Driver All Waiters Mad. It’s Nothing but Bad Manners!

    6 Restaurant Behaviors That Driver All Waiters Mad. It’s Nothing but Bad Manners!
    6:40 PM EDT, September 3, 2021

    The ‘Customer Is Always Right’ times are gone for good. Still, the restaurant staff go to length to satisfy their customers. Unfortunately, in some situations even the friendliest personnel gives in.

    #1 Your wallet doesn't allow you to act like an idiot

    If the kitchen does not have a given ingredient, it really means they have run out of it. Threats and being rude won’t fix the problem.

    If you come to the restaurant and act like you own the place, demand ridiculous things and complain about everything, don’t be surprised to wait much longer. For anything.


    #2 ‘A discount? In the mall round the corner!’

    It is absolutely natural if a place offers any discounts. Lots of bars and restaurants tempt customers with lunch deals, cheaper sets, dishes of the day and other attractions.

    Still, a question like ‘How about a little discount for the four of us now that we have decided to come here?’ is rather infuriating. ‘Don’t you thing that ordering four portions of fries is enough to slash the price?’ will give you nothing but the waiter’s frown.

    And when you say that you know the manager, don’t be surprised to find out that so does the waiter.

    So you’d better restrain from haggling. At least in a restaurant.

    #3 Don’t leave your manners at the door

    All the people working in the restaurant business admit that there is one thing that drives them all mad. It’s the fact that a number of people never say ‘Hello’ when they enter the place. And it’s not about being in seventh heaven and giving anyone around a cheerful grin – it’s just responding to the waiter’s ‘Good morning’ for so many is just too much to do.

    Well, some of us leave wallets at home, others forget about their manners.


    #4 Take care of your children

    Not all places are ‘child friendly’. Before you go out, make sure that the place is appropriate for the kids. If you are planning a late evening dinner, this is certainly going to work much better if there are just the two of you.

    Kids running around the restaurant is the waiters’ nightmare. Parents often pay to attention to what the kids are up to. And this is when they turn into some infernal creatures who exhaust their surplus of energy bumping into the personnel serving food. And here it’s not just about comfort, but bearing in mind how hot some dishes can be, it’s primarily about the safety.


    #5 Take a look at the watch

    If the restaurant closes at 10:00, you’d better not get in at 9:55 to order half of the menu. Just respect the work of others. Even a ‘small glass of beer’ is something that can wait. Closed means closed. There is a reason why the chairs are on the tables.

    #6 Better ask the way than go astray!

    If there is an ingredient you have never heard of, feel free to ask the personnel. However, there is a line between enquiring about your dish and testing the waiter. Not only will you waste your time, but you will also annoy anyone around your table. Showing off is never an option.

    No matter the circumstances, good manners is always the best option. Last but not least isn’t it all about being a nice person?
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