10 Impressive Record Holding Plants That Deserve a Place in the Guinness Book!

    10 Impressive Record Holding Plants That Deserve a Place in the Guinness Book!

    10 Impressive Record Holding Plants  That Deserve a Place in the Guinness Book!
    1:42 AM EDT, August 23, 2021, updated: 6:49 PM EDT, August 23, 2021

    What is the hardest wood? Which tree grows the fastest? What is the largest single flower? In the world of nature, you can meet real record-breakers who amaze with their impressive achievements.

    1. Giant Buttocks Seed

    Our smart nature produces Gigantic Seed from a plant called the Seychelles' lodoica (it's a species of palm tree). They are found in the fruit, which resembles buttocks. 😉 One seed can reach a weight of roughly 48 pounds (22 kg).

    Lodoicja grows only on two Seychelles islands.


    2. The oldest tree

    The world is growing in the north of Sweden in the province of Dalarna. Thisconiferous spruce is about 9550 years old. The plant can withstand harsh weather conditions bravely and during the winter some parts of it die.


    3. Highest Deciduous Tree Ever

    Here is a royal eucalyptus (eucalyptus regnans) in the world. It grows in Australia (southern Tasmania), and its height is 331 feet tall (101 meters).


    4. Largest Crown

    Bengal fig tree in the world, which comes from Pakistan and India. Its crown can reach an area of about 2 hectares. Such a weight would not be supported by one trunk. Therefore, Ficus produces additional plated roots reaching the ground. From a distance, the tree resembles a dense forest.


    5. Leaves That Never Die

    These leaves have a strange velvet feel to it. This plant can be found in Namib desert and in southern Angola. From its trunk only two leathery leaves grow, which can reach about 19 feet long. With time they crack and divide into belts, which get twisted. They won't fall off for the rest of the plant life (about 100 years).


    6. Largest Single Flower

    We can find parasitic flowering plant 'Rafflesia arnoldii' growing in Sumatra. The flower is 111 cm across. It doesn't produce leaves and its petals are thick and fleshy. It gives off an odor resembling rotting meat, which is attracted by pollinating flies.


    7. Hardest Wood

    Trees from the Sideroxylon family, most frequently found in subtropical and intertropical areas of South America and India. Their wood has such a high density that it is not able to sustain itself on water. Additionally, it shows resistance to damage and is not attacked by pests.


    8. Oldest Tree in Poland

    There is a yew growing in Henrykowo Lubańskie. It is over 1300 years old and has experienced a lot in its life. 😉 At the beginning of the 19th century soldiers deprived it of its branches, and in 1945 an artillery shell hit the trunk. Many times the 42 feet tall (13-metre) yew was struck by lightning, and storms made it worse. Despite these accidents, it still grows bravely.


    9. Massive Leaves

    This tree has reef palms that can be found in Africa, Madagascar or South America. Their long and pinnate leaves can reach up to 82 feet long (25 meters). The palms provide fibre, which is used for ropes, textiles and floristics.


    10. Fastest Growing Plant

    It is bamboo, you can find it in tropical regions of Asia. Bamboo, in general, can grow by 20-30 cm during the day. And what's most interesting, the older the plant, the better results it gets.



    Dynamite tree fruit explodes after tapped with block. This tree has settled in tropical regions of South America and is really dangerous. Its trunk is covered with thorns and ripe fruits explode with a bang and throw out the seeds at 240 km/h.

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