Recipe for Natural Herbicide. Beautiful and Eco-friendly Lawn

    Recipe for Natural Herbicide. Beautiful and Eco‑friendly Lawn

    Recipe for Natural Herbicide. Beautiful and Eco-friendly Lawn
    6:21 AM EDT, May 21, 2020

    Everyone who has got a garden would like it look neat and clean all year long. Of course that takes a lot of patience. And you can’t forget the insects and weeds that can infest it any time. Today I will share a clue with you about how to deal with the latter. A natural herbicide to keep your garden beautiful!

    Natural herbicide - vinegar

    Vinegar is irreplaceable in the kitchen and for cleaning purposes. With vinegar you can quickly remove the worst dirt and residue or unclog your sink. As it happens, vinegar is also useful in the garden. Below you will find three ways to use it. The first one is about vinegar itself, another two about vinegar combined with other ingredients

    Recipe #1

    Pour vinegar into a spray bottle and spray the spot infested with weeds. Make sure you don’t spray it over your plants. Vinegar gets rid of weeds but at the same time it is also harmful for everything you grow. Be careful!

    Recipe #2


    Dissolve half a glass of salt in 1.5 litres of vinegar. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and again, spray it all over the place where weeds grow. Salt strengthens the weed-killing properties of vinegar but the solution is also dangerous for your plants.

    Recipe #3

    Here, apart from salt and vinegar, we will need tow teaspoons of washing-up liquid. Washing-up liquid binds salt and vinegar. Again, a spray bottle and direct application onto the spot with weeds.

    Each way works, but the last one is the most effective.

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