15 Quotes from Internet Users. Some of Them Sound Silly at First, But... They Are Really Useful!

    15 Quotes from Internet Users. Some of Them Sound Silly at First, But... They Are Really Useful!

    15 Quotes from Internet Users. Some of Them Sound Silly at First, But... They Are Really Useful!
    5:37 PM EDT, May 28, 2023, updated: 11:03 AM EDT, May 30, 2023

    The internet offers thousands of hints and clues that seemingly useless prove worthwhile after some time. Internet users can really surprise you with their deep thoughts!

    #1 Who acts in haste may pay twice over

    You'd better sacrifice a second of your life than lose your life in a second. Think about it whenever you are at the wheel. This can save many lives, yours included. There is no need to hurry.

    – alphalegend91

    #2 Don't apologize for being late


    Instead of saying 'I'm sorry I'm late' you'd better say something like 'Thank you for your patience.' I had no idea what kind of impact it might have on people. Instead of humiliating yourself, you bring about a completely different reaction.'

    – TheOne-SidedCoin

    #3 Quick cleaning

    Do the washing-up as you cook. Every day spend 10 minutes putting your stuff away. It's much better than hours of intensive cleaning on a single day.

    – Olive767

    #4 Secret flattery


    When you compliment people behind their back, this is bound to work miraculously!

    – La_Lechuga

    #5 A simple way to give up alcohol

    Just don't drink today. I am sure you can do that. And then repeat it on the following day. In my case it has been working perfectly for 19 years now!

    – opie2

    #6 Always ask

    My dad would constantly tell me to ask people as the worst thing that might happen could be 'NO'. At first I thought this advice to be somewhat stupid, but in the end it proved effective at school, at work (when I was asking for a pay rise) or in common everyday situations.

    – astrocanyounaut

    #7 Be honest

    Direct expressing your needs is much better than giving people indirect hints and merely guiding them towards your expectations.

    – winogrona

    #8 Don't do things you don't want to do

    On my wedding day my grandmother told me 'Don't do things at home that you would not like to keep on doing until you die.' At that point I thought it to be an awful piece of advice. It was only in the seventh month of the pregnancy, while I was mowing the lawn myself, that I realized what she had meant.

    – janfleury

    #9 It's about the tools

    My grandfather told me that one the other day and it wasn’t until I had my own apartment that I fully understood what he had meant. He said 'At first buy cheap tools. When they wear off or break down, that will mean you need to buy something better and more expensive.'

    #10 Manage your money!


    When you get your salary, first pay the bills. If there is something left, go on your shopping spree!

    – all_in_this_together

    #11 Never save money while buying footwear

    My mother told me to spend enough money on things that separate us from the ground, for example tires, footwear or bed mattress. When I finally bought some good shoes my life DID become much better! My spine would improve and the backaches are less frequent. As for the tires and mattress, she was also right!

    – KalePanic

    #12 Cleaning before setting off

    If you go away for longer than 5 days, you need to clean your place. There is nothing better than coming back to impeccably clean home!

    – Saturnwithasunroof

    #13 Cut down on your household chores

    If a task tasks you less than 5 minutes, do it immediately. This will give you much more free time at the weekend!

    #14 A things-to-do list on a stressful day

    When you're stressed, prepare a list of things ahead of you. I always thought like I KNOW WHAT I HAVE TO DO. I JUST CAN'T DO IT ALL. But once you write it down, you won’t have to think about it all the time and you will manage to focus on the current task.

    – Mybuttfelloff

    #15 Filling the car

    It's much better to fill it up that do it every day buying just a gallon or two.

    Have you tried out any of this hints yet?

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