11 Potted Plants With Pink Leaves

There is a group of potted plants that delight in the pink color of their leaves. They look very decorative and resemble candy decorations. Shades of pink are rarely found in nature, which is why they arouse so much excitement. Plants with powdery, amaranthine or ruby leaves are extremely pleasing to the eye and relieve any nervous tension.

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#1 Philodendron ‘Pink Princess’

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This plant is a real princess among pink plants. It’s easy to cultivate and impresses with its colorful leaves: the green blends perfectly with white and pink shades.


#2 Mushroom ‘Pink Lady’

This is a small plant with a compact and clumped habit. It is characterized by pastel leaves with green and white streaks.


#3 Hoya Carnosa ‘Krimson Queen’

It has thick, fleshy leaves. Some of them are pink and cream colored. The intensity of the color depends on the light. The more light, the more intense the color will be.


#4 Spring Ficus ‘Belize’

Belize’ comes from India and its leaves blush at the edges. It can grow up to two meters high.


#5 Fittonia ‘Pink Special’

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It grows naturally in the rainforests of South America. Its mosaic leaves with visible veining are a delight.


#6 Daisy

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This plant grows quite fast and is easy to cultivate. Its stems form colorful cascades and the leaves turn purple-violet.


#7 Neon Robusta’.

This exotic plant has big leaves, which can be even 7inch-11inch long. When exposed to sunlight they turn slightly pink with a pearly sheen.


#8 Dandelion

This is a small plant with decorative leaves. The leaves look like pink speckled Easter eggs. Easter eggs are quite difficult to grow.


#9 Stromanthe ‘Triostar’

An impressive plant that catches the eye with its elongated leaves. Their glossy surface shimmers with shades of purple and pink.


#10 Aglaonema

A tropical plant that is undemanding and hardy. It has small, mottled leaves that are decorated with pink veins and spots.


#11 Cordyline ‘Pink Diamond’

It has elongated leaves that resemble a plume. They shimmer in shades of green and pink. Cordyline grows quite fast.


What other pink plants would you like in your home?

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