What Plants Can Be Chosen for a Windowless Bathroom? We Know a Few Perfect Candidates!

Plants in a dark bathroom. Impossible? Not really. There are a few options for those of you who would like to have real plants in a room with no access to sunlight. In this article you will find out what plans can be selected for such interior.
It is true that only fake plants will survive in a room without light. However, you can somehow cheat nature and enjoy the green color of real plants in a bathroom without a single window.

Bathroom conditions

Bathrooms have got some specific conditions which are not always favorable for potted plants, primarily due to darkness and high humidity. Cutting it short:
humid air – cactuses and succulents do not find it pleasant,
fungus and mold – some plants are really sensitive to these organisms,
dusk – for some plants, sometimes even one window is not enough to ensure appropriate amount of light.

Plants for a windowless bathroom


This plant does not tolerate sun-exposed spots so dark and dump bathrooms are just fine. The soil medium has to be slightly dump at all times. The plants is quite immune to disease and really easy to take care of.

ZZ plant in your bathroom

A wonderful plant with very modest requirements, making it a perfect candidate even for a very dark bathroom. The plant likes high temperatures but it is important to keep it away from drafts, especially in the winter. Luckily, it’s really hard to get drafts in a windowless bathroom…


Aglaonema is a tropical plant preferring semi-shaded locations. That is why, from time to time, you need to put it in a place with a bit more light. This will result in a nice pattern appearing on its leaves.

It hates dry conditions so a damp bathroom and regular watering will be a perfect environment for it.

Mother-in-law’s tongue

Some gardeners claim that these plants are in fact made of steel as they are very easy to cultivate and they can forgive a lot. They will survive even if growing in a house of the most forgetful person in the world. So if you are not particularly good at gardening, this seems like an obvious choice for you.


This plants calls for much more attention as it prefers spots in semi-shade with dispersed light. It also needs appropriate soil moisture and temperature. It prefers warm environment.


This plant is quite common in offices and other public places. Today they seem to be catching on again in other kinds of environment, even very trendy ones. Please note that young ferns need more light so you’d better choose an older one for your dark bathroom.


It will feel good in a dark bathroom only in the winter. In the summer it has to be takes somewhere sunnier. And it’s another plant very very sensitive to air humidity levels.

Spider plant

Another invincible one. You will often find it in halls and staircases. It gets on well in shades and the temperature does not really matter that much. You can keep it inside, on your balcony or in the garden.

What plants will survive in a dark bathroom?

To enjoy having other plants in a dark bathroom apart from those listed above, you need to remember about the following:

#1 Artificial illumination

Garden centers offer professional LED illumination but in fact standard energy-saving light bulbs or fluorescent bulbs will do, too. Plants sensitive to sun deprivation need up to 12 hours of light compensation per day. And the source of light has to be 15 – 25 inches away from the plant.

#2 Plant swap

Buy two plants that could grow in a dark bathroom and put one of them in there and the other in a room with sun exposure. Then, after 7 – 10 days swap the plants.
If you provide the above mentioned conditions, the following plants will be happy to grow in your bathroom: ivy, zz plant, aglaonema, mother-in-law’s tongue, fittonia, fern, spath and spider plant.

#3 Cut flowers in a vase

Invest a little in fresh bouquets and put them in the bathroom. Although they won’t last long, but the freshness of their colors give lots of joy.

#4 Plants in a fish tank

Although is a rare option, at least a few people might fall for it. A fish tank with plants and fish is something that will make up for lack of potted plants for sure.

How to take care of plants in the bathroom:

• Keep them away from water while you are taking a bath/ a shower,
• Never keep them close to chemical agents/ detergents,
• Big mirrors will illuminate the place
• Get a decent illumination system
• Any time you use chemical agents, make sure the place gets as much fresh air as possible

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