An Inexpensive Way to Get Rid of Pests, Fungus and Mold From the Soil of Potted Plants

Cinnamon is not only a tasty and aromatic spice that enriches our dishes. She also has its uses in gardening and will help save your peace flowers growing in the four walls. See what cinnamon in a pot is useful for and how to use it wisely.

Cinnamon for Mold in the Pot


As for the flavorful qualities of cinnamon, no one seems to have any doubts. However, this spice will also be indispensable when growing potted plants. All because it is a natural and organic anti-fungal agent. If you notice mold forming white dross on the soil in the pot (it appears as the humidity in the room increases), then quickly sprinkle it with cinnamon and move the top layer of the soil slightly. You will see that this way you will quickly dissolve the mold.

Natural Rooting Agent

Cinnamon will also help new plants take root. Into the hole made in the soil pour some cinnamon and only then put the cuttings. The aromatic spice will make young plants less vulnerable to various diseases and mold attack.

You can also prepare cinnamon water. Pour a teaspoon of cinnamon into half a liter of water and set it aside for several hours. After this time, pour it into the holes made in the ground. Into such a prepared substrate you can plant plants.

On the other hand, if you propagate plants on your own, you can first dip the tip of a young seedling in cinnamon for a while and only then put it into the soil.


Repelling Ants and Cats With Cinnamon.

And best of all, cinnamon is not tolerated by ants. If you sprinkle it on the soil in your pots, these little insects will stay away from your home. Of course, you can also cover the soil in boxes or containers located on the balcony with cinnamon. This will keep ants off it, but also the neighborhood cats.

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