These Succulent Compositions Look like They Were Painted by an Artist

The world of succulents includes a myriad of species. Using these tiny plants you can create a variety of compositions to decorate your apartment or house.

Something for the busy

Succulents are the plants for the forgetful. They will forgive you if you neglect them for some time and they do not need much water. They will definitely prefer less water than more. In the winter they will get by on just a portion of water per a couple of weeks. In the spring, their growth period, the watering frequency goes up to once per week or two weeks.

The colorful world of plants

Some succulents take pride in the color of their leaves. They do look like some floral works of art. Once used to design a composition, they will make a stunning interior decoration.

What colorful succulents can we choose?


Echeveria – they look like small roses and, depending on a variety, their leaves can be silver-violet, slightly pink or maroon.
Sedum – some varieties look like minute rosettes while other have got fleshy bead-like leaves. They could come in shades of orange, red or maroon.
Calanchoe – in comparison with other succulents, they have got quite big leaves (some look like teaspoons and others are quite hairy). They are brownish or reddish.

Aeonium – their distinctive feature is spiky green leaves with red or maroon edges. The ‘Schwarzkopf’ variety stands out from the rest with its shiny dark leaves (black-maroon)
Crassule – a varied group of succulents. They look like the tail of a rattlesnake, a Buddhist temple, red triangles, red-and-violet roof tiles or red-and-yellow flames.
Haworthia – these succulents have got peculiar spiky leaves. Their surface is coarse. Some of them have got white stripes, others look like orange grass in flames

A rainbow corner

To make the succulents look original, you can make a rainbow pattern. They can be planted in a standard pot or in a less typical container. You can make use of cups, wooden chests (for example shaped like a Christmas tree), fish tank, or steel cookie molds, for instance a heart-shaped one. It’s all up to you and… your creativity!

Painted fakes

You can come across a succulent that looks ultra colorful. These green plants are often painted and sprinkled with brocade. Although they look spectacular, we believe that applying glue on plants is a controversial issue.

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