Would You like to Grow a Hairy Spider In A Pot? If Your Answer Is Positive, You Need to Take a Look at This Amazing Cactus from South America

Some plants can perfectly pretend to be something else. Just like a kind of cactus which looks like a giant spider.

A spider-like look

Cleistocactus is a really special succulent. It looks like a massive spider sitting comfortably in a pot, with its legs decorated with flowers. The plant comes from the mountainous areas of Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay and Argentina. In its natural habitat it grows among rocks and enjoys high air humidity.

Long silver shoots

The most distinctive feature of the plant is its long hanging shoots. They are covered with silver-white spikes. And that is why the plant looks like a lazy spider resting in a pot. Its common names include ‘monkey’s tail’ or ‘cat’s tail’. When it blooms, a number of red flowers pop up.

Cleistocactus can be grown inside as long as it is kept in a sunny spot (a window overlooking the south or the west) and in the summer it gets properly watered.

What is the weirdest plant you have ever seen?

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