Amazing Succulent with Transparent Leaves. It Looks like Nothing Growing on This Planet!

Haworthia cooperi is a small succulent. Its round leaves look a bit like glass beads. They are so transparent that you can see their green vascular tissues.

Haworthia cooperi is endemic to the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa, though occasionally it can be spotted in the south of the USA.

It never grows large. It is a low plant, growing wide rather than high. Its single leaves are approximately 5 cm long.

Just like other succulents, it requires appropriate soil medium drained properly on the bottom of the pot.

The pot itself should be rather wide and flat. The plant doesn’t develop long roots. Flatter pots work better as the plant grows horizontally, rather than vertically.

Though the succulent blooms, the flowers are not particularly attractive. Sometimes it takes a couple of years before first flowers appear.

Haworthia cooperi shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight.

At first, the plant should be re-potted every spring. Later on you only need to transplant it every three/ four years.

Haworthia cooperi can be propagated during transplantation. If you have some experience, you can try rooting a single leaf.

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