10 Potted Plants with Positive Powers. They Bring Luck and Happiness to Everyone Who Has Them at Home!

A lot of potted plants have some healing properties. Some of them, like aloe, are used for skin treatment Others clean the air. What other properties do our potted plants have? Find out some symbolic meaning of common potted plants.

#1 Common ivy

Ivy cleans the air and also protects against bad energy. That is why you should plant it before your house or hang some at the entrance. It prevents negative energy from getting inside our homes. Also, it brings good luck and health. In many countries it is a symbol of longevity and loyalty.

#2 Aloe

Growing at the door it attracts good vibes and brings more health for the family. This is the plant of immortality. At home, especially in the kitchen, it prevents accidents, especially those involving fire.

#3 Sansevieria (also known as mother –in-law’s tongue or snake plant)

It represents purity and open mind. Due to the shape of leaves, it is also believed to protect our household. It cleans the air of bad vibrations, too. If put on the window sill on the eastern side, it will attract money.

#4 Spath (also known as peace lilies)

It is supposed to bring peace, harmony and balance. It represents revival so it helps people who have lost something or someone.

#5 Epipremnum (also known as devil’s ivy or pothos)

It attracts money and happiness. In the first place, though, it calms down and reduces stress. It also neutralises the negative impact of electromagnetic field. That’s why you’d better have one near your TV or computer.

#6 Maranta

Maranta means harmony and concentration. It is ideal for people who are organised and living in symbiosis with the rest of the world. It is recommended for places where concentration at work is of critical importance.

#7 Spider plant

Cleans the air and brings luck. Absorbs negative energy. It guarantees success if you take it wherever you move to live. It is also a symbol of fertility. Put on a window sill in the kitchen, it brings wealth.

#8 Orchids

They attract beauty, harmony and love. They guarantee tranquillity in a relationship. When we sleep, they neutralise our energy.

#9 Cactuses



They are believed to have the strongest protective energy. They also symbolise loyalty and endurance. They shouldn’t be grown in bedrooms as they might disturb our sleep. In Chinese mythology, everything that has got sharp spikes attracts bad energy. That is why cactuses may send us some.

#10 Sweet Cheese plant

This is a symbol of happiness, longevity and money. It also represents wealth and supports us in our plans’ completion. Kept in the living room strengthens family bonds and brings money. Recommended for people who want to have a baby.

Perhaps you know other properties of the plants we mentioned?

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