This Is Where They Know How to Deal With the Heat. Coober Pedy Is a Town Built Underground

Coober Pedy is a small mining town located in the central part of Australia. It is home to huge deposits of precious opals, as well as a town where most of the buildings are carved out of the rock underground.

The history of this village goes back not as far as we might expect, as it was founded only 100 years ago.

In 1915. Willi Hutchinson, 15, accidentally discovered huge opal deposits here when he and his father were prospecting for gold.

After world war, Australian soldiers transferred to the reserves began to settle here – all of them were carried away by the dream of the enormous wealth they expected to gain. Currently there are about 1500 people living here.

Precious opals are mined in the area around the town, thanks to which a few lucky people have turned from poor to millionaires.

The town and its surroundings are very hot during most of the year. In summer they reach an average of 86°F, although sometimes it happens that they reach 104°F. every now and then records shows 122°F on the scale.

Because of the high temperatures and a desire to save on air conditioning costs, residents are digging their homes underground into local rocks

Most public buildings such as the post office, churches, and the local pizzeria and motels are also located underground.

The town is also known for being the location of the filming location for the “mad max” series. What is more, one of the local opal prospectors was the inspiration for the movie “crocodile dundee”.

There is also a unique orphanage for baby kangaroos where you can spend time with these amazing animals.

Other attractions include a rock-cut church

Hotels are quite popular 😉

There are also several houses open to tourists

According to many travelers, Coober Pedy is incredibly impressive live

Would you like to have this lifestyle? 😉

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