28 Vacation Photos That Everyone Will Remember for a Long Time. Creative Ideas for Unique Shots!

While on vacation, we all capture the most beautiful moments in photographs, which we later like to show to friends and family. This is a beautiful souvenir for years to come. However, some people go a step further and show a lot of ingenuity while posing. Check out the gallery and see how creative vacation photos can be. Some of them were created completely by accident 😉.

#1 On Vacation Everything Is Possible

charlyjordan / instagram

#2 Morning Coffee in the Company of a Giraffe

© badboi / Instagram

#3 Sand and Water and He… Holiday Neptune

kveeks / instagram

#4 Three Friends and a Photo Completely Unique

kimveiga.tur / instagram

#5 On a Wave – A Glacier

chrisburkard / instagram

#6 This Girl Is a Real Powerhouse

© caamkilla/Instagram

#7 Romantic Meeting Underwater

sakiswp / instagram

#8 Hanging on the Edge of a Waterfall Is a Real Feat


#9 A One-In-A-Million Shot!

andrewssantana / instagram

#10 The Heaven Force Holds up This Woman’s Leg

© itscaitlinturner/Instagram

#11 In Crystal Clear Water

© france.and.jesse/Instagram

#12 An Unexpected Visitor Even Jumped Into the Frame

© roadlesstraveled11/Instagram

#13 The Couple, the Wave, the Sky… And the Shot Has Its Own Charm

bezerra / instagram

#14 This Animal Really Wanted to Be in the Photograph


#15 Perfect Relaxation

© bridget/Instagram

#16 In the Kingdom of Butterflies

© sashajuliard/Instagram

#17 Group Photo on the Beach 🙂

acrovinyasa / instagram

#18 Underwater Surfing

© shangerdanger/Instagram

#19 About the One That Kissed the Sun

© dennisstever/Instagram

#20 There Are Places Where One Is Just Asking For Such Photos

bezerra / instagram

#21 The Conqueror of the Pyramids

© adventure.man.dan/Instagram

#22 While on Vacation, Sometimes You Need to Climb to Great Heights

© antoinejans/Instagram

#23 A Wonderfully Symmetrical Composition Formed From the Legs

© yogabeyond/Instagram

#24 A Male Group in One Photo

thiagomlcorrea / instagram

#25 Monkeys Are Always Willing to Take Photos Together

© sashajuliard/Instagram

#26 The Girl Who Walked on Water

mele_hula_ / instagram

#27 The Touch of Christ’s Hand

© marajo.ara/Instagram

#28 Who Else Can Pick Up So Many Girls at Once? 🙂

sakiswp / instagram

Which photo did you like the most? And what are your most creative vacation photos? Share your ideas.

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