15 (Extra)Ordinary Photos That Generous Internet Users Have Shared With the Rest of the World

Human beings are really creative. No wonder they have taken over the world. Today we will have a chance to admire just a fraction of what people are capable of…

#1 The Leaning Tower of Pisa looks nothing special inside

#2 This is how you transport a 67-meter long element of a wind turbine

#3 Look carefully – that’s a really original illusion

#4 Message on the bottle. It’s very simple, the darker the bottle, the more suntan you will get

#5 A very simple pill organizer with medications for each day plus water

#6 This perforated ticket will let you see your seat number in the dark movie theater once you look at the screen through it

#7 Unique Michelin Uptis airless tires

#8 Terra cotta sea lions on the building of Arctic Club

#9 Tomas Libertiny, an artist, using 60,000 bees created the bust. It took the insects 2 years to fill the special framework

#10 The new Amazon headquarters

#11 Igloos with glazed roofs so that you can admire the northern lights at night

#12 Patu is a robot segregating books in The Central Library in Helsinki

#13 This is the World Trade Park in India

#14 A camera hidden in a golden ring used by KGB in during the Cold War

#15 This is the view of a floor inside the Flatiron Building (1902) in New York

# Bonus Image: The Island of the Dolls owes its image to a fisherman who wanted to mollify the spirit of a girl who had died there

Of course we are all creative. The best example is the way we hide our savings. Fancy taking a look?

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