17 Photographers Who Will Do Whatever It Takes for One Good Shot

There is nothing they would be afraid to do. And courage seems to be their natural asset (I just wouldn’t dare to think they have no imagination). There are photographers who could do anything just to take a good picture.
The collection below shows exactly how far they can go.

#1 He’s got the guts

#2 When you love photography and adrenaline

#3 Your clothes are already on fire. And so is your equipment. But a decent photo is worth the price

#4 He knew it was worth it


#5 This is totally crazy

#6 Judging by her face, she is not really appreciating her husband’s efforts

#7 ‘ I’ve got you, little frog.’

#8 When you are so engrossed in your photos you completely disregard safety

#9 If it was really taken during a protest, then it’s a masterpiece’

#10 Was it on purpose or did he really need help?

#11 Sometimes you look handsome even if your body is in a really weird position

#12 Matrix

#13 If I were the fox, I would be surprised, too


#14 Who cares about the mud when it’s all about memories that will never be forgotten?

#15 When survival adventure is your passion

#16 Everything to show these long legs

#17 Special forces and their weird guns

Which one impressed you the most?

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