13 Exceptional Historical Photos That You Won’t Find In Schoolbooks

Old photos can delight. They are carriers of history and have a lot of stories to tell. Usually nobody publishes them in school books and you have to put some effort to find the most interesting ones. Admire the gallery of unique historical photos.

#1 The Golden Gate Bridge on Opening Day in 1937

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#2 Couples in a Bar in the 1940s


#3 Walter Yeo Is Believed to Be the First Man to Have Plastic Surgery

The man was wounded in 1916 during the Battle of Jutland. He had a flap of skin transplanted and his eyelids reconstructed.


#4 London Pub (1967)


#5 Straightening Hair With an Iron in 1964


#6 Dancing in Paris Around 1951


#7 Tyrolean Downhill in 1920


#8 Women in a Swimming Pool in Florida in 1973


#9 Roller Skating in Los Angeles in 1979


#10 Women Sitting on a Fire Escape in New York City (1978)


#11 The Audience at an Elvis Presley Concert at the Philadelphia Arena in 1957


#12 Madam CJ Walker, Daughter of Slaves, the First African-American Female Millionaire in the Us

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#13 Kiss of Life

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Made in 1967, “Kiss of Life” shows how JD Thompson rescues his co-worker Randall G Champion using the mouth-to-mouth method after he lost consciousness after contact with a power line.


A three-year-old boy cleaning chimneys in 1930.

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Which photo impressed you the most?

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