12 Photos That Will Make Anyone Stare Inquisitively at Them . They’re Hard to Explain

Sometimes when looking at selected photographs we open our eyes in amusement and ask ourselves, “How could this be even possible?” We have prepared a gallery, of complete admiration for the level of creativity that some people actually have. Sit back and get yourself laughing! 😉 .

#1 A Glass Bottle Is the Best Hiding Place. This Cat Must Have Had an Exceptionally Flexible Body to Squeeze Through the Bottle Neck


#2 If All the Plates Are Lost Somewhere, Just Use a Handy Shoe


#3 A Higher Elevation Mystery


#4 What to Do With an Unused Car? Throw It in the Dumpster!


#5 An Airport Sculpture Made of Abandoned Suitcases. Such Modern Recycling


#6 Just The Right Size


#7 Car Tower


#8 This View is Only Expected in the Netherlands


#9 Candy-Albinos. They Were Supposed to Have Rainbow Colors


#10 Parking Master


#11 Beans On Time


#12 Money Grows on Trees


Have you come across to similar weird stuff ? Or maybe you have some pictures that have made you laugh? Be sure to share them with us.

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