If Your Cat Brings You Dead Mice, There Could Be One Reason Behind It

If you have got a cat, you surely remember a day when you found a dead mouse on your doormat. There is no need to worry – this is a natural cat’s behavior. What is it that makes our pets act like that?

Sofa hunters

Most domesticated cats live cozy lives in warm houses and apartments. Such comfy lifestyle, however, doesn’t inhibit their natural instincts.

Cats – natural born killers and hunters

It is estimated that every year our furry friends kill about 1.3 – 1.4 billion birds. So we shouldn’t be really surprised to see our kitty with a dead animal in their mouth.

Why do cats bring mice for their owners?

There are a few theories trying to account for the fact.

• It is a token of gratitude for being taken care of. The mouse is then nothing but a gift.
A display of care. In the cat’s eyes, people are part of their family ( a mother – the young relationship). The pussy cat brings dead rodents for their young ones, then animals that are barely alive. It’s all to teach the young ones how to hunt. As cats behavior is based on such a principle – they treat people as poor learners who find it hard to learn how to hunt properly. So cats do their best to show us how the job needs to be done. And at the same time they want to feed us.
• Perhaps our cats want to show off with their skills and win extra recognition in the owner’s eyes.
• Cats hardly ever go hunting because they are hungry. They often play with their prey, hiding it in shoes and other stashes.

What to do when your cat brings a dead mouse?

Under no circumstances should you yell at your pet. You have to come to terms with the fact that your pet is a predator in fact and hunting is a part of their nature. Don’t be upset and treat this peculiar gift showing your cat that you really appreciate it.


Has your cat ever brought you a present like that?

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