Instead of a Dog House, TikToker Makes a Two-Story House for Her Dogs. The Interior Is Stunning

American lifestyle tiktoker Chip Girl decided to show her most extravagant side – she gave her golden retrievers a two-story house, which serves as their dog kennel.

Chip Girl/tiktok

Chip Girl is a very popular U.S TikTok star . She is watched by 2.5 million people, and her videos are watched regularly by anywhere from a few hundred thousand people to a few million

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The house that was built for her dogs looks exclusive and has a lot of gadgets and features such as a slide, balcony and hammock, not to mention numerous toys, couches and other seats.

Chip Girl/tiktok

The whole thing has divided her fans a lot. Some people are impressed by the idea and are delighted with it…

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Most commenters, however, are outraged by the absurdly luxurious and extravagant idea, especially at a time when many people are struggling financially due to the pandemic

Chip Girl/tiktok

It’s worth mentioning that the tiktoker may not have paid a penny for the dog house – the company Charmed Playhouse was responsible for putting it up, and it’s not entirely clear whether Chip Girl didn’t get it for free in exchange for advertising

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Would you like your dog to have a house like this ?

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